Live Intentionally: The Ultimate Guide to Getting What You Really Want

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Let's Get to the Guide...

The Power of Intentions

Let's define intentions and what it means to live intentionally. Intentions are the purpose or reasons behind our actions and thoughts. So, when we are living intentionally, we are consciously reacting to the world around us based on intentions we have previously decided upon.

Whatever results you and I have in our lives are the outcome of our intentions. Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are you experiencing deep fulfilling relationships or do you struggle to connect with others?
  • Are you happy or sad?
  • Do you have the financial success you desire or are you constantly struggling with money?

Your answer to all those questions is the outcome of your intentions. The sometimes hard-to-swallow truth is that your intentions form who you are, what you have, what you do, and how your life ultimately ends up. Everything I speak and write about from motivation, positivity, productivity, relationships and influence first begins with intentions. And if you are serious about achieving your goals and living a remarkable life, you must learn to live intentionally.

When you learn to change your intentions, you can change your life.

This page contains resources for harnessing the power of intention to transform any area of your life. But if you would like to explore articles on changing specific types of intentions, here are a few you can check out immediately: